About Our Workshops – Frequently Asked Questions

To help you get a sense of our workshops, here are some of the most common questions we typically discuss with clients and potential clients when considering an engagement.

Q: How many people can be in a workshop?

A: Our experience shows that the ideal number of participants is usually between 10 and 20 people. If you need something that is tailored for a larger group, contact us for a few options for how to make that work efficiently.

Q: Will this be customized for our company + industry?

A: Of course. In fact, we spend a lot of time making sure our workshops are customized and have worked in just about every industry thanks to our decades of experience in consulting/agency roles –but we also understand that bringing the outside perspective and encouraging participants to think outside your industry is one of the reasons our clients work with us.

Q: What venue do you suggest (ie–our offices or an offsite location)?

A: We have delivered workshops everywhere from a retrofitted microbrewery in Minneapolis to an outdoor cabana in Honolulu. While most clients prefer offsite locations, it is not always necessary. We can help get creative about making the most of your space –even if it happens to be a conference room with no windows. Once you pick a venue, we will also provide a customized map of room setup and materials required to make your planning and preparation efforts easy.

Q: Can my team participate virtually or can we do a live stream?

A: While we have done workshops virtually, the results are never as good as everyone hopes –even with great telepresence technology and live streaming. So instead we use our own method for letting virtual participants join just a part of a workshop day, but still have the majority of participants gather physically to maximize learning.

Q: What if I want something other than a full day workshop?

A: Most of our workshops are tailored to be 1 day experiences, but we have also done executive level workshops for 2-4 hours and can also build out our workshops (or a combination of workshops) across multiple days.

Q: How much time do we need to plan + will my participants need to prepare anything?

A: Advance work is not usually necessary, but for sessions focused on a business challenge where our goal is to walk out with a specific deliverable, often we will help craft pre-work for attendees. In terms of how far in advance you need to book our team, if we have the date available we can usually make it work. Ideally we like to have at least 3 weeks to plan.

Q: What happens after the workshop & what results can we expect?

A: Our workshops are focused on two things: learning and action. Most often, we focus on helping participants uncover real solutions and action plans for their biggest business challenges. We also prepare a comprehensive recap presentation including concrete recommendations and next steps based on what we learned from the workshop.

Q: What is the cost?

A: The cost for our workshops can vary widely depending on the type of engagement, location, number of days and process. Please contact us and we can share an estimate for your situation and how we might work together!