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How will this book help you be more productive during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Most guides to virtual work pretend like it is better than being face to face. It usually isn’t. But in today’s business world, there are many reasons you may need to work remotely or do virtual meetings, from taking parental leave to navigating a global health pandemic.

Why do virtual meetings usually suck?
What are five secrets of delivering an engaging virtual presentation?
How can you collaborate with people remotely?

In this short guide featuring a compilation of the best advice and insights from more than 50 experts from all industries, you will learn the keys to being effective from afar. Whether you need to deliver a presentation to a virtual audience or collaborate with a global team, this handy guide will help you be more productive when you can't be there in person.


Not for dummies or idiots.

Our guides feature smart advice for smart people, written like you're having coffee with an expert.

This is a modern business advice series featuring the practical, no-bullsh*t style of advice most of us hope for. Read the backstory of this series and why you should stop reading advice for dummies >>


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