Searching and filtering words

Rise of Curation



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Rise of Curation

Brands that curate the information they share carefully are winning more trust and attracting more attention from consumers.
Searching and filtering words

About This Trend:

In the traditional sense of the word, to curate is to pull together or sift through something, and when applied to businesses, the definition doesn’t change much.

Businesses from all industries are generating value through sharing value: A startup that got lots of buzz and new users in 2010,’s tools help you create a “custom newspaper” on any topic using RSS feeds.And Sweden-based WikiPharma is at once an essential curated resource of information on medications and treatments and a way to market expertise.

In sifting through the noise and presenting the most interesting and useful information about relevant topics, brands position themselves as authorities and communicate values that extend past their literal products and services.

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