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Often unsure of whom to trust, today’s consumers are connecting with brands that have a rich legacy in cultural history, or those with which they have a strong sense of nostalgia.

About This Trend:

People have known and trusted Kodak for a long time. For those of us who didn’t grow up digital natives, the brand is part of our history— we trusted its film to help us document our most important moments. The logo frequently appears on the back of our preserved photos from the past. It used to be printed
on signs at famous landmarks, as an indication that you had made it to an ideal photo-worthy spot. Today, Kodak is trying to find a way to capitalize on that trust to make the brand more than an afterthought in our increasingly digitized world through relaunching the Super8 cameras, bringing back Ektachrome film, and launching a partnership with clothing and accessory retailer Forever21.

The reinvention of Kodak is one of an increasing range of stories of legacy brands reconnecting with their history that led us to uncover the trend of RetroTrust as a way to describe consumers’ increasing desire to connect with brands with which they have a nostalgic or historic connection. This has created a significant opportunity for older legacy brands to stay relevant and innovative.

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