Reimagining Charity

Reimagining Charity



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Reimagining Charity

Brands and entrepreneurs are creating innovative new models for giving back
Reimagining Charity

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Many of the most successful entrepreneurs today are driven by the goal of achieving greater social good through technology, which is leading to a cascade of effective new technology-based models for how charities and non-profits.

The site launches creative challenges that entice people to think about solving a social challenge, like “reinventing fast food,” which was the first contest launched on the platform. And in late 2010, a new nonprofit called Jumo, the latest from Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, simplified the process of becoming active in a cause by streamlining and gathering information about volunteer, donation-based, and educational activities on one platform. And in the digital era, individuals are just as capable of jumpstarting a movement as organizations or brands: take the example of the Ice Bucket Challenge, a viral video challenge that ended up generating $115 million for ALS research.

Technology affords many new tools for engaging and activating people behind a cause. Today’s NGOs and charitable organizations are catching on and taking advantage.

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