Media Binging



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Media Binging

As more media and entertainment becomes available on any device on demand, consumers use their newfound control to “binge” on media when they have the time and are willing to pay extra for the convenience.

About This Trend:

If media binging has had one lasting effect on consumers, it is that they are now far more likely to avoid consuming episodic programming that is released on an arbitrary schedule. In an on-demand media world, rolling out content or messages in the same prescheduled way simply doesn’t work.  Instead, we need to prepare for a world outside episodes, where consumers navigate to websites through multiple entry points, consume content in bursts and remix or curate content at will.

For years, creating something people would pass from person to person was the ultimate goal of creators. Today, truly valuable content is often something that people find so useful they save it for later instead of reading it quickly and sharing it immediately.  And when they do save it, you have the chance for a deeper engagement in a moment when they actually have the time to better consume (and eventually share) that content.

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