Measuring Life



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Measuring Life

Tracking tools and wearables offer personalized data to monitor and measure daily activities.

About This Trend:

Data has always been an important component of how companies plan for the future of their businesses.  But in 2012, analytics became key to how we managed our personal lives on a daily basis as well. As data visualization goes more and more mainstream, making sense of the numbers in our lives is finally becoming as easy as it is to collect those numbers in the first place, leading to new, innovative products like the popular FitBit, a wristband that tracks your activity, exercise, food, weight, and sleep. Or the ZEO sleep manager, which allows you to record your sleep patterns and graph the data for easy tracking. Or take the world’s most popular wearable, Chinese company Xiaomi’s Mi Band 2, which has sold 67 million units since its launch.

As analytics becomes more sophisticated and user-friendly, the number of devices and wearables that help you track your own health, measure your social influence, and set goals will increase.

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