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Insourced Incubation

Companies are building in-house innovation labs to inspire novel ideas within their four walls instead of seeking outside help.

About This Trend:

Many used to believe that if you were aiming to build a culture of innovation at your organization, the key was to get closer to your customers — a framework that shaped the next decade of managerial thinking around innovation. Now, brands are getting closer to their employees and putting them in situations where they can generate ideas in new and novel ways and situations.

Coca-Cola created The Bridge, a “commercialization program” for entrepreneurial communities across global markets, which provides support for entrepreneurs and also keeps Coca-Cola in the center of the worldwide startup community. Ford Motors decided to go where the innovation was happening when it opened the Research and Innovation Center Palo Alto, where a team of researchers works on solutions in areas like connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience and big data.

The goal with Insourced Incubation is to build nimble, responsive teams designed to work and thrive within a company while maintaining enough independence to work outside some of the typical innovation-killing constraints of large organizations.

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