Hyper-Local Commerce



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Hyper-Local Commerce

New services and technology make it easier for people to keep their investments and purchases local.

About This Trend:

As the world gets smaller, commerce is going local and communities are doing more than ever to become self-sufficient and more connected. And luckily, tech startups are providing communities with tools that make “going local” easier than ever. Have you ever wondered if the product you are looking for may be available at a local business instead of a national chain? Local shopping search engine Goodzer will tell you. And down in Brazil, web platform Peixe Urbano, which functions as a platform for local merchants to sell the goods they produce was named “Best International Startup of the Year” at the Crunchies Awards in 2012.

The “Go Local” movement also makes it easier than ever to support your community. With the goal of creating stronger connections between people and their communities, the sister websites Popularise and Fundrise have added a new layer of crowdfunding to the real estate market. With Popularise, residents of an area can vote on proposed development projects.  Then with Fundrise, individuals can invest in these projects in exchange for equity.

These are just a few examples of how technology is helping us build strong, thriving communities in a more globally connected world.

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