Human Banking



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Human Banking

Aiming to change years of growing distrust, banks are choosing a more simple and direct approach to communicating with and providing services to their customers.

About This Trend:

Is your credit card a form of expression? American Express thinks so. Their FoundersCard offers elite benefits to individual entrepreneurs. Members must be approved, and membership today stands at only about 8000 members worldwide. With networking events as a built-in benefit, the FoundersCard is one of the first financial services to generate a true human network with its members, while also offering exclusive negotiated benefits.

Or take Alley Bank: First created as an online retail bank from an auto finance company, a consistent advertising campaign since 2009 and no-nonsense language have made it a customer favorite in a complicated category.  With their ongoing mission to be “obviously better,” the bank offers leading customer service and product features that are not only fair but also inspire deep loyalty among their customers.  Lower fees, ATM reimbursements, 24/7 customer support and a dedication to communicating in clear, simple and direct language have made this bank a popular provider for financial services every year since it was created. This is the future of banking.

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