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Thinking small is a new competitive advantage, as slight changes to features or benefits are creating some of the biggest impacts on value.

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Today the lines between truth, lies, satire and fiction have become blurrier than ever before. The term “fake news,” which had no meaning two years ago, has become one of the most popular accusations traded between politicians and media personalities alike.

We are surrounded by routine sensationalism peddled by 24-hour news channels desperate to invent a perpetual stream of “breaking news.” Lost in the midst of all this televised finger wagging is a shared sense of reality. As more of us look inward for our own definitions of the truth, the result is a trend we call Truthing, when the personal quest for facts leads each of us (for better and worse) to rely on direct observation, personal experience, face-to-face-interactions, and the opinions of those who look, talk, and think like we do.

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