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Curated Sensationalism

Today, many of the most popular online “news” destinations are replacing traditional journalism with smart curation, gathering content from across the web and using persuasively written sensational headlines to drive millions of views.

About This Trend:

One of the biggest social media challenges for brands is to consistently create engaging content. Instead of focusing only on content creation, curating interesting content from other sources and sharing it with an audience can be a much simpler and more valuable way to engage an audience.  By following the content people tend to share, brands can get better at predicting the kinds of content that people respond to, and then aim to share more of that content.

Perhaps the biggest effect of the rise in Curated Sensationalism is the well-deserved respect that it gives copywriting, as headlines and email subject lines have become more and more important to brands looking for ways to increase clicks and engagement.

Producing authentic, effective content is even more difficult thanks to the overuse of sensationalism in media, and as a result, people are becoming skeptical of what they read, hear and even see with their own eyes – and that includes marketing messages. There is a thin line between tapping into curiosity and turning people off permanently, and as the bar for credibility continues to rise, every brand will need to work harder to win attention from highly skeptical audiences.

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