Charitable Engagement



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Charitable Engagement

Charities combine fundraising with engagement to inspire loyalty among supporters.

About This Trend:

Charitable organizations are reassessing at their focus on quick donations and learning how to incentivize more active participation in causes from gaming and behavioral studies, with the goal of enticing people to make deeper commitments of time & passion to charities. In today’s day and age, giving is great, but doing is even better.

The innovative idea behind the campaign from Charity Water uses social influence to encourage people to “pay it forward” with donations on behalf of their friends. And celebrity chef Jamie Oliver spent most of 2011 promoting healthier school lunches, making political enemies in the process. Oliver’s Food Revolution is breaking new ground by using a combination of reality show-style entertainment, gaming, online engagement and political activism to make school food healthy again.

As these campaigns continue to enjoy success, more non-profits and other charitable organizations continue to look for ways to inspire people to become committed to a cause through action, and brands and influencers will feel the pressure to practice what they preach, not just write a check.

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