Brutal Transparency

Brutal Transparency



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Brutal Transparency

As consumers demand transparency from brands, marketing campaigns are being more straightforward and honest in their communications strategies.
Brutal Transparency

About This Trend:

Today’s consumers want transparency: they will reward brands that are authentic and real, even if it means admitting a mistake or having an uncomfortable conversation.

Riding a wave of anger over excessive airline fees, Southwest Airlines launched a series of campaigns against bag fees and change fees. Shining a light on their own fairer policies, the airline successfully used transparency to make their competitors look bad, but made themselves look good in the process.

Another standout marketing campaign was from Domino’s Pizza, who took a painfully honest look at negative feedback and completely remade their product in their “Pizza Payback” campaign, which featured promotions and an apology from the CEO.

These days, old marketing ploys that idealize products and services won’t work on consumers who have heard it all: winning communications strategies will incorporate authenticity, vulnerability, and a bit of humor.

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