Non-Obvious 2018

In this edition of Non-Obvious, readers saw an upgraded interior layout from previous years with significant updates throughout the book. Some of the most popular trends from 2018’s report included “Truthing” (how we trust in face to face interactions more than any other type), “Brand Stand” (why consumers buy from brands who are unafraid share what they believe in), “Light-Speed Learning” (why we expect to be able to learn anything faster than ever) and “Manipulated Outrage” (what happens when a news media culture of outrage starts to define an individual’s identity).

This 2018 edition also featured more illustrations, color on the interior and updated trend icon imagery. Thanks in part to all the updates, as well as a concentrated effort to submit the book to industry awards, this edition won six major business book awards including being selected as a Finalist for the prestigious Leonard L. Berry Marketing Book Prize from the American Marketing Association.