Hi, I’m Rohit!

I speak at events around the world on innovation, marketing, trust and leadership. The perspective of every talk is to bring “non-obvious” thinking and ideas to your group. In particular, there are two keynote talks that I deliver most often:

  1. How To Be More Innovative (And Actually Predict The Future) – A highly actionable talk where I revealing the key habits leaders and teams can use to see the world differently, be more innovative and even predict the future. This talk usually also includes insights from my original trend research published in my annual WSJ best-selling book Non-Obvious. Download the full description of this talk >
  2. How To Be More Trusted In A Skeptical World – We are living in the midst of a modern believability crisis that is affecting every organization in every industry. This talk will share what it takes for organizations and leaders to be trusted in a skeptical world. Ranging from teaching the power of storytelling to better leveraging social media, this talk can be tailored towards brand marketing teams, customer service, leadership or sales depending on your audience.  (Content based on a combination of insights from three of my books, Likeonomics, Personality Not Includedand Non-Obvious). Download the full description of this talk >

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