The Non-Obvious Guide To Small Business Marketing

(Without A Big Budget)




This book is like having coffee with a down-to-earth marketing expert.

Many business guidebooks treat you like a dummy or an idiot. Some even say so on the cover. Not this one. This is a short and easy-to-listen-to guidebook filled with useful, no bullshit, only-what-you-need-to-know, immediately actionable advice for marketing your business or startup.

The book focuses on the most common small business marketing challenges, including:

  • Why is setting a budget the worst way to start a marketing plan?
  • How can you create unstoppable word-of-mouth for your business?
  • Why is it a mistake to try and be on every social media platform?

Within this book, you’ll get the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about how to promote your business like these.

Along the way, you’ll learn how to fit your entire marketing strategy on a single page, what it takes to create a tagline that people remember, how to buy advertising at a fraction of the “sticker price”, why some customers remain loyal while others leave as soon as they get a better deal, and the number-one most important thing about branding that most small businesses forget.

Inspired by real-life conversations and advice sessions with hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs, this is a rare guide that skips all the useless theoretical frameworks (four P’s!), avoids the fluff, and cut right to the point to give you the real-life advice you desperately want … all delivered with an irreverent “non-obvious” perspective that you definitely deserve.

No matter whether you are already succeeding with marketing and want to amplify your results, or a reluctant marketer just getting started, this guide will help you rise above your competition and grow your business.

You are no dummy … so don’t rely on a guidebook written for one.  The Non-Obvious Guides deliver smart advice for smart people. People like you.


Rohit Bhargava is the Wall Street Journal best selling author of six business books. He spent 15 years leading brand strategy and marketing for some of the largest companies in the world before leaving to start two successful small businesses with his wife, Chhavi. Rohit is invited to speak around the world on marketing strategy and writes a popular marketing blog which has inspired millions of readers to reinvent the way they think about marketing.