Grow your business. Assess your marketing strategy. Become a more persuasive speaker. All in one hour? 

After many requests from attendees at Rohit's talks, for a limited time we are offering two time slots per week for one-on-one coaching sessions.


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How much impact can spending one hour with Rohit really have?

The short answer is ... a lot. Many times entrepreneurs and really smart leaders are stuck on strategy and priorities. Where should you focus your time? What should you do first? Which consultant should you hire? Where should you choose to spend your money?

These are the big questions we all face - but too often the people who are ready to help answer them are the same ones who have solutions to sell to help you fix them. So getting advice quickly turns into an upsell on whatever solution your "consultant" is offering.

What if you could get great advice without being sold a solution with it?

My name is Rohit Bhargava and for the past 15 years, I have advised some of the largest brands in the world on marketing strategy. About five years ago, I became an entrepreneur and started two successful small businesses with my wife - Non-Obvious Company and Ideapress Publishing. Along the way, I also taught popular courses at Georgetown University on marketing, persuasion, storytelling and public speaking.

My business is writing books, delivering keynote presentations and hosting training and workshops for large organizations. But I know lots of small and mid-sized businesses who I would love to help but have never had a good way to do it and make it work for my schedule. Until now.

For a limited time, we are offering two one hour slots every week (Tuesday at 10am EST and Wednesday at 10am EST) for private coaching sessions.

The inspiration was to offer a way for me to help small businesses and entrepreneurs with their biggest marketing, branding, storytelling and persuasion challenges. Most importantly, there is no upsell to a longer term coaching program or a subscription-based community (I don't offer either of those).

You can scroll down to read the FAQs on this page for a list of topics that we can cover in this session as well as how it works. If this seems like a good option for you - click the link to schedule your session and my team will be in touch to lock in a time.

I'm looking forward to helping you however I can!


Everything You Want To Know About Non-Obvious Coaching with Rohit Bhargava

Who is this session good for?

I have tailored this solution for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are usually struggling to figure out exactly how to prioritize their time and resources or who are facing some kind of big decision. I struggle with these too! So this session is for anyone who is at that crossroads of trying to make those choices around what to do next, how to grow their business or career and can use some targeted advice on how to do it.

What if I work for a large company - can I still use this session and work with you?

Yes, these sessions are meant to be open for everyone and often people who are working at large organizations struggle with similar challenges. In a big company, not only do you have to figure out how to use your resources, but often you need to choose the right partners, evaluate their offerings and ask the right questions along the way. In the past, I have hired teams, agencies and consultants ... so I can help you make the right choices there.

Why is it so expensive? 

With the volume of requests for my time that come from all the events and groups that I work with, I can only afford to do a limited number of these types of sessions and so we kept the price point higher but still (hopefully) affordable for most people. And if you're familiar with typical consulting rates, you know this rate isn't really all that expensive for an hour of high-value advice.

Why is it so cheap (and only for an hour)?

Plenty of successful authors offer coaching programs that span far longer than an hour. I believe deeply in the value of long term coaching and I think it's a great choice for anyone to continually get better. With the range of things I'm working on, I decided not to prioritize building out coaching as a primary way to spend my time ... so this is a small affordable way I wanted to create to allow me to work with and help people who ordinarily I would not have a way to work directly with.

What if I need more than a hour?

Let's not pretend we can talk about every challenge that you have in an hour. This isn't meant to be an exhaustive discussion about everything, but rather a chance to talk about some big decisions, help you get some direction and most importantly -- to help you set priorities. One of those will be figuring out who can help you moving forward. In most cases, this will mean that I make a connection or introduction for you on who to speak with to get the help you need. The idea of this session is to help offer a quick fix and actionable advice in a short session. That's what we'll focus on.

What sort of topics can we focus on?

There is a long list of things that we could potentially speak about. In a brainstorm with my team and based on some things that we most commonly get requests for - here are some ideas for how you might use this coaching session:

  • Assess your brand, logo, positioning, tagline and help you find better ways to differentiate.
  • Generate creative "non-obvious" ideas to grow your business with marketing and where to focus.
  • Audit your existing website or promotional materials and make recommendations to improve.
  • Evaluate RFPs or proposals from vendors or partners to assess whether they are worthwhile.
  • Learn techniques to present more persuasively in virtual sessions.
  • Tips on how to upgrade your audio/video setup to look and sound like a pro when presenting virtually. 
  • Anything else you can think of!

How quickly can I get scheduled for a session?

Since we only have two slots per week, we are quickly hitting a waiting list for sessions. That said, sometimes we will have to reschedule sessions so it's best to get in touch and ask about the waiting list and how long you may need to wait before having your session scheduled. In order to get an update on the latest waiting time for sessions, you can contact us to check availability:

OK, you need to share the backstory. What's with the Post-It notes?

I dress that way every weekend! 😊 No, actually it’s from a fun photo shoot that an editorial team did to accompany an article about my process. The idea was to show how I sort through all the “information noise” in order to find meaning and identify interesting ideas. If you think that was fun, you should see the time-lapse video that we posted on social media about getting all those notes to stick.  


Coaching Session with Rohit

(Includes Signed Books + 1 hour virtual session)

What's Included?

  • 60 Minute LIVE VIRTUAL session (date confirmed after you book: Tuesday - 10am EST or Wednesday - 10am EST)
  • 2 SIGNED Copies of any of Rohit's books you select (choose from The Non-Obvious Guide to Marketing & Branding, Non-Obvious Megatrends, Always Eat Left Handed or The Non-Obvious Guide To Working Remotely).

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