How To Enter:

Submissions for the 2020 Non-Obvious Book Awards will open July 1, 2020. In order to be considered for the Non-Obvious Book Awards, your book must have a publication date between December 2019 and December 2020. We accept submissions for review of galley copies, final editions and digital manuscripts, however a book must be published and publicly available for sale during this timeframe in order to be considered.

Your book must have applications for business, but does not necessarily need to be officially categorized as a “Business Book.” We are happy to consider any book that can help make a business leader or entrepreneur more successful or smarter. 

Physical manuscripts, galleys or books will not be returned. We do not accept any sorts of payments or bribes in order to consider a book (even particularly delicious chocolate). If any chocolate does accompany your submission, you can expect that it also will not be returned.

There is no application fee to submit your book for consideration. If you would like to be considered, please send an email to with more information about your book and we will be in touch if our team would like to request for you to send us a copy for review.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Thanks for your interest in our awards! Here are a few things we are commonly asked – along with some answers …

Why do you do this list?

There are two reasons we do this list: first and foremost because we love books and we don’t believe there are enough efforts within the industry or media to promote non-fiction books specifically. The second reason is that we’re invested in building the brand of Non-Obvious. We believe in the power of non-obvious ideas, and want to honor them whether we’re the ones coming up with them or not!

How are books chosen as winners?

We consider every aspect of a book, from its writing and quality of the ideas to the originality of the work. We are, of course, looking for “Non-Obvious” ideas above all. What this means to us is a concept or way of thinking that we haven’t seen before. Something uniquely interesting and useful. An idea that makes us think.

Why don’t you use industry-standard categories?

Most book awards will subdivide books they consider into categories such as management or sales. The problem with this is, well … obvious. What category would you put a book on sales management? So instead of forcing submissions into a single limiting category, we have created our own categories for how we award winners (see below). Books are NOT submitted to a particular category. Instead they are simply submitted and we will award them based on the category we believe fits best.

How can I submit a book?

Books can be submitted directly by authors, publishers, publicists, moms or anyone else who believes a book might be a good candidate for an award. We don’t place artificial limits on books that can be submitted and we do consider EVERY book that is suggested to us. Every year we also specifically approach certain authors and publishers to request books that we believe have strong merit for consideration in our awards program. Given space constraints, we don’t always request a book to be sent. If you would like to submit your book for consideration, just email

How many books do you consider every year?

It’s hard to say since we are always reading and evaluating – but our best guess is that we review about 400 titles every year and politely decline to review many others that aren’t a great fit for the awards.  Making our list is highly competitive and we believe that’s an important element of keeping the quality of our winners high.

When are winners announced?

We will announce our Longlist selections of 50 books in mid-November. Two weeks later in early December, we will then announce our 15 selections for the Shortlist, as well as five individual winners in each of our main categories.

What are the main categories for winners?

As noted above, we don’t segment our award winners into industry categories. Instead, we select our five favorite books of the year in the following categories:

  1. Most Important Book Of The Year – A big idea that can make a difference in the world and in your life.
  2. Most Original Book Of The Year – A unique idea that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.
  3. Most Entertaining Book Of The Year – A readable and high impact idea + story that you won’t be able to put down.
  4. Most Useful Book Of The Year – A practical idea with real down-to-earth advice on how to use it in your daily life.
  5. Most Shareable Book Of The Year – A viral idea that people will (or should) be talking about in conversation.

I’m angry that you missed [insert book title here]. Where do I direct my outrage?

Since we’re limited in what we can select, every year there are great books that don’t make the long or short list. We’re sorry that the one you loved didn’t make it, but we do take a lot of time to try and be as inclusive as we can. If you do want to suggest one, though, please do and we’ll definitely add it to our own personal reading list!