Is this award a big deal?

It’s always nice to be honored, so on an emotional level,  we’d have to say of course!

Beyond that, we do also conduct an extensive media campaign through traditional and social media throughout the month of December to share the results. All books that make the Shortlist will not only receive recognition in our materials, but their books will be personally reviewed by our Founder Rohit Bhargava and those reviews will be posted on Amazon along with a badge noting the award.

In terms of your chances to win, the awards are highly selective and we don’t accept payments for entry. What this means is that we are routinely scouring the web, events, media and actual bookstores to find the best new business books of the year. Every year, our list includes some titles that have garnered widespread praise along with some that have been underappreciated by the media or other awards programs.

Winners: Badges For Download

Congratulations for being selected this year! If you are one of the winners or a media/PR team working with them, below are several badges available for your promotional use (right click on the image to save). Please only use the badge that corresponds to the list your book was selected for.  We trust you to use these responsibly.