We believe the world needs more non-obvious thinkers. Our mission is to help leaders, organizations and curious minds learn the habits that allow them to see what others miss and face the unknown. We do this through our published books, popular keynotes, custom workshops, ambitious virtual events, annual book awards and our weekly Non-Obvious Insights Show.

While our name is quirky, we are serious about helping organizations and the humans inside them take action by identifying new opportunities and implementing smart ideas to win the future.

Our Story

It all started, as the ideas often do, with frustration.

The end of the year usually brings all sorts of lazy, obvious and useless trend predictions. Inspired to do better, our founder Rohit Bhargava decided to publish the first Non-Obvious Trend Report back in January of 2011 to share some unexpected insights about business for the year to come.

It was an unexpected hit.

More than two hundred thousand people read and shared that first report in less than a week. Thanks to that early success, the research turned into an annual tradition, and over the past eight years Rohit (and our growing team) evolved the Non-Obvious Trend Report into an annual book series. The first hardcover edition of this series hit the Wall Street Journal best seller list in 2015.

Since then, each annual edition features new trend research and has enabled us to help dozens of the largest and most respected brands in the world to take these trends (and the process behind curating them) and use them to prepare for winning the future in their industries.

Soon, the growth was too much to handle.

In 2016, with demand for keynotes, signature workshops and talks growing rapidly, Rohit was rapidly running out of capacity and needed help to expand. That year, he added several more pioneering thinkers and expanded the brand to include other initiatives such as training programs, corporate workshops and even more thought leadership.

We had to make an unusual choice.

Having already worked in consulting, Rohit didn’t want to build just another strategy firm that delivered advice at high hourly rates. Instead, he wanted to deliver impact and value in many ways and grow the brand platform to include many different ways to help leaders and professionals to be more open minded and innovative.

In 2019, we announced that the following year would be the last time our Non-Obvious trends would be published as a book – which we called Non-Obvious Megatrends. At the same time, we launched several other big brand initiatives including the Non-Obvious Guide Series and an expanded Non-Obvious Book Awards program. We also trademarked the brand Non-Obvious and decided to expand it far beyond the heritage of the trend work and the annual book.

Going out with a bang …

When January of 2020 hit, we launched the Non-Obvious Megatrends book and it immediately hit #1 on the Wall Street Journal list and made the USA TODAY bestseller list as well (watch a webinar with the backstory of this launch at The book also continued to win industry awards – 14 in total! At the same time, the Guide series was winning international book awards and recognition and the brand continued to expand beyond trend series.

Then everything changed.

Staying Non-Obvious during a pandemic …

As soon as SXSW 2020 was canceled, we immediately had to shift many of our plans. We had been organizing a big book launch for both Megatrends as well as the Guide series and had to pivot to focus on virtual (as we all did). Since March, we have published The Non-Obvious Guide to Virtual Presentations and Working Remotely, Rohit has delivered dozens of virtual keynotes, the Non-Obvious Insights Newsletter has been expanded into a weekly YouTube show, we have been collaborating to host virtual summit events and have several other initiatives in the works.

A big part of Non-Obvious thinking is having the confidence to be adaptable without panicking and charting a new course even when the future seems uncertain. That’s what we’re aiming to do at the Non-Obvious Company – and we would love to find a way to help you to do the same thing. Get in touch and let’s talk about how we can help!

Are you ready for non-obvious thinking?

We believe the future of business requires more open minded leadership, a greater willingness to look outside your own industry, the ability to curate ideas, and of course … more non-obvious thinking!